Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wild Horses

This photo was taken in Montana on the way to Glacier National Park

There is nothing quite as magical as watching wild horses, whether they are galloping full tilt across a meadow, kicking up their heels and playing or quietly grazing. We were lucky enough to see several bands on our summer trip through Alberta, Montana, Idaho and Nevada. As I mentioned in an earlier blog I met cowboy poet Sue Parker this fall and she talked to me about the Wild Horse Sanctuary she supports. I decided to look them up and what I discovered was an organization of passion and dedication that works tirelessly on behalf of wild horses and burros.

Their mission is "to protect and preserve America's wild horses as living national treasures in a publicly accessible and balanced environment with other wildlife for future generations". The sanctuary is located near Shingletown, CA on 5,000 acres of mountain meadow and forested land nestled between Black Butte and Mt. Lassen. If you would like to learn more about the Wild Horse Sanctuary and their programs you can find them at: http://wildhorsesanctuary.org/

Just for fun I searched "wild horses" in Etsy and discovered some truly remarkable works of art. I created a spotlight of my favorites on http://www.byhand.me/ entitled "Wild Horses" to go along with my blog. If you click on the thumbnail photo it will take you directly to the artist's site.

Enjoy the Ride