Saturday, March 31, 2012

Synchronicity ~ March 31, 2012

I was at the dining room table setting up for our morning cribbage game while Rod was making pancakes for breakfast (with the last of our blackberries). We're listening to KJZY our local jazz station and this base line comes through on one of the songs that we just can't ignore. Rod's shuffling round the kitchen and I'm dancing in my chair.

We looked at each other and I said "You know what, we should dance for half an hour every day." After we had breakfast I came out to my studio to do some work. Rod sat down on the floor to look through the books in our little bookcase of favorite reading. About 20 minutes later he walked into my studio grinning from ear to ear. He's holding a small book called "The Daily Book of Positive Quotations" that was a gift from my friend Trisha.

He has it open to March 30th, the title is "Dancing Every Day" and the quote from Oprah Winfrey:

Every day brings a chance
 for you to draw in a breath
kick off your shoes
and dance

Dance Along the Light of Day

"When opportunity presents itself, we need to be willing to stand up, take a breath, and commit ourselves wholeheartedly, even at the risk of looking a little silly. Life is short. Let's engage it as passionately as we can."

Dance Me 'Round the Kitchen

We have a dance date in the kitchen at 11:30 this rainy Saturday morning, maybe some blues or a little rock and roll to warm up.

Friday, March 30, 2012

What a Novel Idea II ~ March 30, 2012

I recently finished a trio of books called Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock. I found them at a used book store and was so intrigued by the premise and imagination of the writer I had to add them to my library. 

 Book I

It's an extraordinary story of intertwined romance, mystery, and art. Each page is a piece of correspondence between Griffin and Sabine. The letters must be pulled from their envelopes and unfolded to read, each postcard is a delightful artistic creation. You become part of the story as it unfolds.

Email, Facebook, and Ecards have a place in this day and age (like when you've forgotten someone's birthday or want to get some news out in a hurry), but there's nothing like receiving something home made or hand written in the mail ~ as in from the mailbox!

Fantasy Bird Post Card

I've been scissoring photos, magazines and old cards for a couple of years because I've always wanted to explore collage as an artistic outlet. I now have a large collection of paper ephemera to draw from. Griffin and Sabine have gotten me off my duff and I'd say seeds have been planted.

Everything You Can Imagine Postcard

So here's what I'm proposing: Email your mailing address to me at and I will send you a hand made postcard with my return address. It would be really awesome if you'd respond with a card or note. Old fashioned correspondence is a dying art form, so it's time to save a little piece of history. What a treat it might be to find something besides bills and junk mail in the mailbox. Are you up for it?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Novel Idea ~ March 24, 2012

In the world of today we find ourselves constantly plugged in to some diversion that takes us away from being here: TV, cell phones, games and computers. So here's some food for thought.

I'm on the computer a lot for blogging, photography and running two online shops. The cell phone I started carrying for emergencies, but a friend in Oregon (you know who you are) got us hooked on WordFued ~ a scrabble like game you can play with anyone around the world.

Television is hard to justify for any reason unless you just want to numb your mind (granted some things are worth watching like PBS, old movies, and documentaries). We looked at the hours we spend watching evening TV and decided an average of 3 hours a night (more in winter ~ less in summer). What did this add up to? A shocking number!

3 x 365 = 1,095 hours or 45 days ~ 1.5 months out of a year

Lightning Strikes in the Garden of the Gods

Holy Crap ~ at our age, at any age, that's a monumental waste of time that cannot be recovered. We took the National Day of Unplugging challenge yesterday and unplugged for 24 hours. It was time well spent.

Breakfast and Cribbage
Workout at the gym
Studio time to create
Dinner and Cribbage

What did we take away from this experience? A whole new perspective on how we spend or don't spend our time. We've decided to unplug at least once a week, maybe more. I'm setting aside a couple of days a week for studio time to just create. Gas prices may keep us from taking some of the longer trips we like to do, but we've decided to take our camper out for 2-3 day excursions in our own back yard a couple of times a month. Sonoma and Mendocino counties offer an amazing array camping possibilities and additional time to unplug. Less TV for sure! What are you going to do?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Just a Thought Series - Feb 1, 1976

He had such a sweet way of using her
Staying on just long enough
To fill his emptiness

He opened her with his honesty
Broke her defenses with a smile
Then so quietly he left her
With a feeling
In awhile

Lady Rider
A prisoner 
Of his own confusion
He found himself on trial
But it was easier to close the door
Than to compromise his style

Their paths may again cross one day
But she's not the girl 
He once knew
No longer easily disarmed
A wiser woman
Sure of self
Immune to reckless charm

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ Dec 10, 1970

Perched on the dark lime velvet of Tamalpa's robes
Sentries oak and noble redwood
Watching for the spirit wind

Muir Magic

Far below the ocean cycles in lake like calm
Toy boats rocking in the crispness
Of a December morn

The mountain wraps me in her spirit 
What good fortune to have grown up in her embrace
I am both observer and observed
Resting quietly between all time and no time
The sun warming my face

Mt Tamalpais Reflections

Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Musings ~ March 19, 2012

Age to Aging to Ageless
It seems to me
Time unmeasured is time well spent

Road to the Lost Coast 2009

A river to the sea
The beauty of random choice
Strength of purpose
Nourishing heart 
Renewed awareness 
Round every bend

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ July 15,1976

Sterling's old red truck sits humbly alone
Feathers ruffled
Against the dampness of evening


Headed for home
Rumbling down the short beach road
I break into a smile
As I turn south onto Highway 1
has no promises to keep
I called in well
To say
I'm taking the day off

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ On Birthdays

1970 ~ 25th Birthday

Athabasca Glacer, British Columbia

On the road again
A journey that provides miles of learning
Today's gift
Home is where your heart IS

1976 ~ 31st Birthday

Wind on the water 
The willow learns to bend
A day of discovery
On creating my own space
Enjoying the company of friends

1985 ~ 40th Birthday

"I don't mind be 70, what really bugs me
is having a 40 year old daughter"
(favorite Momism)

2012 ~ 67th Birthday

I remain a child at heart
Ever the optomist
Following my creative muses
Sharing my life
With an amazing group of friends
And a delightful man
Who brings me yellow roses 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a Thought Series October 8, 1976

Full moon hanging in a pin cushion sky
Autumn's subtle footsteps
Warm the soul

Nestled in the hammock
Night air surrounding me like a hug
I'm lost in thought and
Smiling at my good fortune

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Art of Reconnecting

My darlin' husband is in Las Vegas with some of his buddies for NASCAR Week: the boys time out from work, women and the honey-do list. NASCAR 24/7 and a campsite across the road from Nellis AFB. Where else could you find the added attraction of jet flybys with your morning coffee?

I've started encouraging him to cultivate more of these grand escapes and reconnect with pals he doesn't see too often. My late friend Trisha and I used to take off several times a year to places like Benbow and Reno, or to explore back roads in the Sierras with our cameras. Now my adventures are taken with new friends, women I wouldn't have known had she not been in my life. A gift to all of us.

Rod and I've been together for three decades and love each other's company, but everyone needs some "me" time: Battery recharge, spontaneous afternoons or evenings with no promises to keep, time to reconnect with friends we don't see too often. It's good for the soul.

Yesterday I reconnected with my friend Maureen, a talented artist and a force to be reckoned with. We first got to know each other decades ago doing craft shows.

She is the creative genius behind the Funeria/Art Honors Life Gallery in Graton, an gallery dedicated to cremation urns and personal memorial art. It is filled with incredible works from artists around the world. Take a minute to check out the website at

The last time we crossed paths I organized the behind the scenes work area of the gallery and helped her prepare for an international show. We don't see each other too often now so on a whim I called to see if she wanted to go to a concert last weekend. She told me she was behind schedule and couldn't take the time. I'm sensing my organizing skills may again be needed so I told her to expect me Friday at 9am.

We spent most of yesterday packing up works to be shipped to clients or back to artists and re-organizing the back room. Good old fashioned physical labor, chatter and a lot of laughter. We accomplished quite a bit, but I'm going back over on Monday for awhile. It's much more fun than the treadmill and weights at the gym. We both know how important it is to spend time well, every minute is a gift.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ Nov 15, 1975

It's so peaceful here
Hidden in my tree house world
Curled up at the window
Sipping coffee
The moon settles into the woods
Bird songs hint at the morning light
Quiet sounds of paw prints
On the forest floor


The sweet smell of rain is in the air
I think I'll read today
Time to roust my bones
And build a fire

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ June 19, 1975

What is true
Is that when you get down to why
You are doing something
Not for the money or ego satisfaction
Not for the expectations 
Or the promises
But for the sheer love of what you are doing
There exist no droughts
No dried up wells
Awareness of the everyday
Is an endless sourcebook

Rattlesnake Grass, Kortum Trail
Sonoma County Coast

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ Dec 18, 1975

Seasons change
Winter comes to remind you
That your warmth
Your ultimate power
Comes from within

Journey to Within

Clear skies melt into spring rivers
From mountain pass to valley marsh
Nourishment cascades
To awaiting life

Little Pigeon River
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Startled by the rustle of wings
I'm awakened
From my sleepy solitude
To taste the sweet newness
Of another dawn
Another chance to grow

Friday, March 2, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ Feb 14, 1971

An adventure to Humboldt County
Grey brown smoothness
To electric green

Redwoods, wild mustard and me

Back roads
Dressed in bottom land farms

Redtail hawks and the sea

Reveling in the solitude
Of a blue highway drive
An adventure of freedom
And of being alive

The photos were taken between 1984-2009: Richardson's Grove State Park, the mustard is along the Hwy 101 corridor, the farm is on the Lost Coast near Shelter Cove, and photo of Mussel Point was taken from the Bodega Marine Lab after a great storm in Winter of 1984. The elevation of the bluff is about 85 feet so you can see the power the ocean generated that day.