Monday, May 24, 2010


We're headed for the Oregon Coast at o'dark thirty tomorrow morning for a little time out from the real world and to do some camping and exploring in the Northwest. No promises to keep until our return on June 12th.

We've never been ones to plan a trip, we work more along the lines of 
"shall we turn right or left today"
This approach has never disappointed and we've discovered some amazing and special places on our adventures.

I hope to be posting notes and pictures along the way if we can find an occasional wifi sweet spot, so check back now and then for an update.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

29 Years Ago Today

So have you ever thought about the serendipitous chain of events that led you to your partner in life? My husband Rod and I met 29 years ago today at a music festival in Cazadero, CA but the path started long before that.

Rod and Hazel May 1981

In 1967, my senior year at UCSB, I shared a cabin with a friend named Deanne. Through a friend of hers I met John Madison, an occasional travelling partner and gentle soul wise beyond his years. He taught me alot about myself in the time we shared.

We were on a road trip in the mid 70's and spent a couple of days with a friend of his in Crested Butte, CO. Sharon had grown up in Berkeley and when she found out I was from Sonoma County she told me I had to check out the Fort Ross Volunteer Fire Department Picnic in Cazadero. I filed the information in the back of my brain and didn't give it a second thought until 5 years later when my neighbors in Sebastopol mentioned the gathering was the following week. On a whim I decided to go.

The music and weather were amazing. I didn't know anyone there so I just decided to get up and dance by myself. The next thing you know there is this handsome, ponytailed hippie boy dancing next to me. Three hours later we were still dancing, and 29 years later we continue to dance.

The funny thing is we always remembered the date as being May 26th and celebrated that date for 25 years until I found my ticket to the event a few years ago. So now we celebrate the 23rd and the 26th!

Life is short, don't hesitate when adventures call.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Happy Birthday Bonkie - We Miss Your Laughter

We lost a special friend last September. Her name was Diane and she was a smart, beautiful, and funny woman.  She had a special take on the world and wasn't shy about just living out loud. Everyone that knew her has stories to tell. Ducks Aloud girlfriend, you are in our thoughts.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

For Mother's Day

My Mom passed away at 72, way too young, but she made the best of the time she was given. She was a talented and free spirited soul who loved to fish, knit, paint and play the piano. She taught me to sew, drive a car, think for myself and follow my dreams.

Once retired, she and my dad spent a decade travelling around the US and Canada in their motorhome and we’d arrange to meet up somewhere a couple of times a year. This particular visit I was about 30. After dinner one night, with our feet up around a campfire, she looked me straight in the eye and said “You know what kid, you were pretty easy to raise!” Considering I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and got into my fair share of trouble, her comment pretty much left me speechless, but delighted. On my 40th birthday she called and said “Honey”, I don’t mind being 70 years old, but it really bugs me to have a 40 year old daughter!” At that point our conversation dissolved into hysterical laughter. She was good at that.

If your mom, aunts or grandmothers are still in your life make time to talk to them, ask about their lives and history, look at old pictures and listen. What we don’t realize is that parents (moms and dads) are just regular people who have an extraordinary job to do with no owner’s manual or guide book.