Monday, January 25, 2010

The Wonder of Dragonflies

Emandal Farm October 2009

Metal sculpture by Bryan Tedrick
Photo by Shelley Macdonald

Dragonfly medicine is said to represent the elemental world of the spirits around us. Dragonfly is a bringer of change, deliverer of wisdom and enlightenment. In other cultures Dragonfly beckons you to seek out old habits that need change and to break down the illusions that keep you from action. They are often admired for their beauty and ability to adapt.

Dragonflies have always been magical to me. I have had them hover near my face and felt they were looking directly into my eyes. Almost 20 years ago, on camping trip at Napoleon Lake in Washington, one landed on my vest and there tooks it's last breath still standing on my shoulder. It was such an amazing moment for me there are still no words to describe the experience, he is still with me.

The magic I draw from Dragonfly is that I am grounded yet remain a dreamer and an eternal optimist. I find delight in the little things and strength in the challenges. I find light and joy, shades of grey and color where others only see only in black and white.
To celebrate these delightful creatures I have put together an Etsy spotlight called Dragonfly Magic at From their work you will see these talented artists have each found their own magic.