Sunday, June 13, 2010

Honorary Oregonian

My husband is an Oregon boy and I'm a California girl. Truth be told I'm a bit of a weather wimp.  If I’m bundled up and water proof I’m good to go, but I often get chilled with the least drop in temperature. When the thermostat says 68 on a summer night it seems much warmer that when it says 68 on a winter's night. 

 Along the Oregon Coast in Oswald West State Park 
north of Cannon Beach

It’s been an extraordinarily wet winter and spring in the West.  It was raining when we left home and continued as we headed north on Hwy 101. On our 4th day in Marion County we had 2” in one afternoon. The weatherman said they expect a warm rain from the tropical environs in January (sometimes called the Pineapple Express), but not on the first week of June.  Even old time Oregonians were saying it was a little unusual.

 Spencer Creek at Beverly Beach Campground

Rod has always teased me that a light rain is only Oregon Sunshine and he has no qualms about being outside without rain gear. The past few days there’s been a lot of rain and light showers. When we first got to his Pop’s place I was in multiple layers. It's day four and I'm trotting around outside barefooted in shorts and a tank top. Think I’ve finally passed the moisture challenge and can now qualify as an honorary Oregonian. 

 One of several farms we passed with acres of white flowers.
Do you know what the crop might be?

We've traveled up Hwy 101 through Oregon every year, in all seasons, for 30 years and never get tired of views. This spring's trip was spectacular, with every shade of green you could imagine, wild rhododendrons in bloom along the corridor and wildflowers down to the road edge. Maybe it's time for you to take a road trip?