Monday, December 19, 2011

Breast Cancer Journey - Post Script I

As mentioned in my last BCJ post I graduated from "radiation class" on December 9th. I had none of the expected side effects like a raging sunburn or fatigue, only the alleged diaper rash on my left tata. It has faded over time, though still a visual, there's much less itch.  

However, as the first post treatment week went by I started experiencing some extra added attractions:

  • slight swelling ~ expected ~ I'm very flat chested so having a breast in my way is amusing to say the least!
  • soreness ~ expected
  • left nipple feeling like roasted marshmallow ~ unexpected
  • sporadic sensation of needles pricking said nipple ~ unexpected
  • occasional pain and super sensitivity ~ an unexpected step up from soreness.
This time of year clothing optional is not an option so I found a soft cotton tank top that goes under anything and helps with irritation. I called in and talked to nurse Kim at the Rohnert Park Cancer Center on Friday. She said the first week after finishing treatment is usually the worst with the symptoms like I described. A well kept secret I'm thinking, funny that wasn't mentioned. Then again perhaps I should have asked.

She did mention a product available at Target made by Ameda called ComfortGel Pads that are used by nursing mothers. We had a good chuckle at the thought of a 66 year old asking where the breasting feed pads were located. There is something amusing in any situation.

Well, off on our 25th wedding anniversary adventure tomorrow morning ~ a staycation at a sweet little place close to home for a few days and then a Christmas camping trip on the north coast. We haven't been at home for Christmas in 30 years - no sense changing a tradition.