Friday, June 8, 2012

Dinner on the Hill ~ May 21, 2012

Before we took off for Eastern Oregon we headed up to Hillsboro to spend a night with our old friends Art and Deb. We only get to see each other about once a year so we make the best of it. We are all avid (could read that rabid) cribbage players, their guest room is a little slice of heaven and Deb is a world class cook. We'd be fools not to check in while in the neighborhood!

Dinner was roast lamb with carrots, potatoes, caramelized onions and yummy side dishes. After dinner cribbage, a short break for a dessert of vanilla ice cream, fresh pineapple and dark chocolates, then round two of the annual smack down. Cribbage girls ruled this trip, Deb and I were the tag team from Hell! A little confusion with counts and scoring late in the last game set us all off into the giggles. It was either time for some anti-aging meds or a good night's sleep, we chose later. From a wise but unknown author:

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves
For we shall never cease to be amused

We awoke to the birds singing and the smell of hot coffee and toddled downstairs to find fresh carrot/orange juice, homemade blueberry muffins, pan seared snapper, and broccoli. They're lucky we didn't stay a week! A few more games of cribbage after breakfast it was time to hit the proverbial road. Next time they're down here in our neck of the woods, we'll pick up where we left off.