Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Cosmic Cowgirl ~ Nov 23, 2012

She rides the great wide open
On a steed of love's devotion
It could be in the Rockies today
Or a beach along the ocean

Martini in hand, friends at her side
Perhaps tonight it's a musical ride
Tom, Ray Wylie, Thad or Fred
By campfire, small barn or train instead

We shared the venues, road trips and scenes
The decadent desserts at Roxy's
With sliced almonds and whipped cream

Emandal Farm

Trisha crossed all our paths in different ways
Leaving none of us the same
Her truth was simple
Her philosophy never changed

Follow your heart
Jump in with both feet
Say what you mean
And follow your dreams

The posse remains ever true
You're always at our side
For laughter and lift me ups
And of course the occasional
Kicks in the butt

Life goes on
We add years and miles
And no doubt we'd all give anything
For just another smile