Monday, October 21, 2013

Off to Higher Ground ~ Sept 26, 2013

After breakfast in Jackson we continued east on Hwy 88 and then north on Hwy 89 to Lake Tahoe. It's an incredibly beautiful drive along the Kit Carson Trail: The quintessential blue highway peppered with historic towns, mines, lakes and hiking trails.

Red Lake, Kit Carson Pass
 Photo by Richard Thelen
Caples Lake, Kit Carson Pass
Photo by George Nejmantowicz
We hoped there might be a room at historic Richardson's Grove on South Shore. My parents and I had stayed there numerous times when I was a kid and I wanted to share it with Rod. Unfortunately there was a large sports event scheduled for the weekend and no rooms at the inn. Oh Well! We'll come back another time and camp for a few days.

Since we're only here for an overnight we booked a room at Stateline that put us in walking distance of a number of shops, restaurants, thrift stores and the lake. Our 15th floor room had an incredible view.

After lunch we took a 1.5 mile walk down to the lake and back. Double points for this one. We're Coastal stock and at an altitude 5,200 feet we were chuffing like a couple of retired war ponies. 
Majestic Horses 37 - Curly Hoses War Paint Native Feathers - ArT Prints or ACEO by Bihrle
Rod because of the altitude and me because of altitude and 5 months of being a total sloth while undergoing and recovering from 4 TACE treatments to wrangle an hepatocellular carcinoma into submission while I work my way up the liver transplant list at UCSF.

Sloth In a Cup - OOAK handmade needle felted sloth in teacup
Sloth in a Cup

I've lost all muscle tone. A visual aide: Think of hula hooping and instead of the hoop swinging around my body, it's all my free range muscles. Good thing they're attached. My homework assignment is to be in the best shape of my life when I get the call from UCSF (probably summer 2014). So it's back to the gym, for both of us, starting in November. This is the No Excuses Tour.