Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year's Rewind ~ Jan 01, 2014

Rod and I once owned a part interest in 40 acres on the old Navarro Ranch in Cazadero. The property was burned over in the Creighton Ridge fire in August 1978 and when one of the original partners decided to sell out Rod bought his share. He was living on the land in a teepee when I met him at the Fort Ross Volunteer Fire Department Picnic May 1981 (Actually the teepee had just blown of the ridge in a major storm so he was camped out in the main house of the old Ranch). The cabin was built in 1982. 

 Cabin ~ Circa 1982

We used to go up quite a bit when no one lived there full time, but things changed over the decades. In 2007 two of us sold our shares and moved on. Partner George headed for Campo to be near his grandkids and we focused time on our place in Sebastopol and travelling.

Fast forward to 2014. We hadn't been up to the land in almost 7 years. George has been up from Campo so we decided to head up there to visit with our old partner Todd and his family today: daughter Megan, husband Joe and their three kids. A lot has changed and nothing has changed. It was a step back in time and a chance to catch up. An informal pot luck in 70 degree sunshine set the stage.

Cabin ~ Circa 2014
There have been many improvements made over the years: additional windows and interior walls in the cabin and solar power. The garden below the cabin flourishes with raised beds for vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers.
There is a new outhouse.
The "bath room" now includes a tub

Garfield is resident rodent wrangler 

 No words necessary

The little cabin that George built is now a guest house with indoor plumbing and a view down the canyon. We've been invited to come stay anytime. It is so supremely quiet up there: miles of trails to hike and a glorious place to do some stargazing. Looking forward to spending time up there again.