Friday, February 21, 2014

Words on the Wind ~ February 2, 2014

Much to our surprise we're able to get the crew together for a farewell breakfast before we all take off for home: Linda, Bob and Jyl back to Idaho and Rod, Carol and me to Northern California. We've spent several days immersed in and celebrating ranch and cowboy culture: from rough beginnings in the Old West to the rough stock realities of modern times. Food for thought, food for the soul. Words have been stampeding around my brain for days, but the herd has finally settled down and quietly grazes at my fingertips. 

Tres Amigos - Three mustang companions, herd communication, 1 1/2" wrapped canvas
Tres Amigos
Words on paper to song 
We're invited to come along
Words on paper to spoken
We're part of a chain unbroken
Words on paper to art
We're taken into the heart 

We've been brought to tears
And learned to face our fears
We've laughed until we couldn't catch our breath
And had our souls warmed to their very depth

Spanish ponies and feral cattle
The art of a handmade saddle
North and South united by a horse's reins
Cowboy songs from Irish refrains 

Charlie Russell was born to wander
And left a legacy of the visual yonder
Called to serve his creative purpose
He'd draw or paint on any surface
His paint brush was his swagger
Perhaps the early American tagger 

Generations have a story to tell
Old and new unite to cast a spell
The journey becomes the guiding muse
Payable in points of view and worn out shoes
Writing new chapters from the old
Spurring new generations into the fold

© 2014, Shelley Macdonald
This poem may be reprinted or reposted with written permission

Western Horse Saddle and Cowboy Hat - a Still Life Photograph
Western Saddle and Hat