Friday, March 28, 2014

Day Tripping to Jimtown ~ March 24, 2014

Last week our friend Margo asked if we'd like to meet her for lunch at the Jimtown Store. It's just a few miles northeast of Healdsburg on Hwy 128. Any excuse for an adventure and we're on board. There was also the fact that during the four decades we've lived in Sonoma County we'd never been there. What's with that oversight? 

Richard Sheppard
The day was picture perfect shirtsleeve, windows down, 72 degrees and no hint of the rains forecast for the week. I keep forgetting it's March. The first thing I did was hop out of the Honda with my camera and stalk some of the local the wildlife. 

The inside of the store is an eclectic collection of food, wine, treats, and anything else you can think of from flower seeds to folk art. We ordered lunch at the counter and went out onto the patio to eat. Sandwiches were delicious and the potato salad out of this world. 

Photo Credit

There was an intriguing, partially open shed door on the patio that kept calling to Rod and he finally got up to look and found the small shed was full of antiques and folk art. 

We also discovered the back room of the store was filled with more wonderful stuff. Chef Boy was immediately drawn to a vintage chuck wagon cook box. A wonderful contraption with storage shelves, drawers, a built in coffee grinder and of course a mirror for shaving.

As we were leaving we noticed a barn out back and wondered if that held more good stuff. I called today and confirmed that it is indeed full of treasures ~ oh darn we have to go back. 

Decided it was too nice to head home so we headed over the hill to the Calistoga Museum. The docent gave us a wonderful tour and shared some delightful trivia about the town and it's founders. Wherever you travel check out museums and historical sites. You will be delighted, entertained and maybe even learn something.