Friday, July 25, 2014

The Back Road's Back Road ~ June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 ~ No Interstates need apply today, we are headed for roads way less traveled. After breakfast we pick up Hwy 211 outside Mollala. Near the junction of Hwy 213, along Macksburg Road, Rod points out a row of trees, on the left in this photo. They were planted by his Pop in 1960 at the Publisher's Lumber Mill. 

Must be a poem about logging trucks and horse trailers, seem to be the prevalent vehicles out here. We continue on Hwy 211 to Estacada to pick up Hwy 224 to the south east along the Clackamas River. Incredible views around every turn. 

Hwy 224
Lazy Bend - Clackamas River
Clackamas River

Stopped at Indian Henry near one of the bridges for a picnic above the river. Next turn is onto Hwy 57, then Hwy 58 towards Mt. Hood. This is the back road to the back road. We see no cars for 20 plus miles. 

 Mystery Flower
Rhodies in late June
 Mt Hood

Changed our minds about going to Mt. Hood and headed south on Hwy 26. In 50 miles the landscape transitioned from forests with greenery down to pavement edge to high desert, buttes, rim rock, and sage brush. 

Mt. Jefferson

Mt Jefferson an hour further south

The temperature went from a pleasant 75 to 90 plus degrees as we descended out of mountains. Time to get out of the heat. The Inn at Cross Keys Station had been recommended by someone we met in Warm Springs earlier in the day so we decided to stop there for an overnight. Turned out to be a nice place to stay and close to town for dining.

We'll pick up Hwy 97 tomorrow and start the journey towards home. This has been a grand adventure so far and we still have some gorgeous country to explore.