Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Break in the Weather

I just returned from a four day adventure that took me 225 miles north of home to Humboldt County. When I was last up at Christmas I promised my friend that whenever she was ready I would help her liberate her sewing room so she could again have a haven to create. My mission, in her words, was to be brutal, to help her tackle a long term accumulation of material, yarn, and notions and help her organize what was to remain. It took us a couple of 10 hour days but it was great fun. No box was left unopened, all baskets were cleared of their holdings, all shelves were emptied of materials. We spent hours talking and laughing while we went about the task at hand. 

Sunday afternoon her husband ordered us out of the house for a break and we took the dogs and went for a walk near the ocean. I'm glad he did because it was a gorgeous day and I was able to take a few pictures. Northern California has been dry for far too long and the rains that have continued since the middle of January have revitalized the North Coast. Flowering trees and shrubs in bright yellow, pink, white and lavender are scattered in meadows of electric green all the way up Hwy 101. The redwoods and rivers are refreshed, and there are acres of brilliant yellow wild mustard in the vineyards and along the roadsides.

As it turned out she would not be the only one to benefit from our labors. We have a local store here in Sebastopol called the Legacy Shop that is a wonderland of donated crafting, sewing and knitting supplies. It is much loved by local crafters because the prices are so low and all sales support our Senior Center. Knowing that all of her treasures could be donated made it easier to let go and we managed to fill every square inch of my Jeep for the trip home.

Just before I left on Monday morning, we walked back to her sewing room and marveled at what we had accomplished. The look on her face was priceless. I'll head back up in the Spring and we'll tackle a few more spaces.