Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They Call It a False Spring

Cherry Plum in our Garden

We don't have winters here like the folks on the other coast put up with, but we have had five long weeks of cold and rain. I couldn't play outside so I was happy as a clam to spend the time in my studio creating.

The last two days the temperatures have reached 70 degrees. My outside orchid, that is usually blooming in December, has finally started to open. We've been pruning, pulling weeds, playing in the dirt and just enjoying the sun on our backs. 

This is what we call a false spring and it happens most every February. You're lured into the garden on false pretenses, start planning the beds and maybe even putting in some starts. Now sometimes you get lucky and you have a jump start on the growing season. Sometimes, however, winter shows up again for another 4 to 6 weeks and you end up start all over again in April. Ah, but what does it matter as long as you squeeze everything you can out of the day?