Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking Up Part 3 - Full Moon Rising

"Three things cannot be hidden ~ the sun, the moon and the truth" Buddha

I love a dark sky so that I can see more stars, but when the full moon rises I'm totally mesmerized. We've been lucky enough to experience this captivating "nightlight" from the Pacific to the Rockies, from Canada to the Southwestern deserts. It's always magical.

One of the best views is from our own back yard accompanied by the cricket and hoot owl band that resides close by. Last night the incoming storm clouds danced around the moon, constantly changing the light and depth of the sky and giving us moonbow with hint of faint color. No matter what went on during the day, all was right with the world standing there hand in hand. Here are some wonderful full moon interpretations from fellow Etsy artisans.

Howling Wolf

Moon Over Lake Ontario

Mt. Ranier National Park

Dragonfly Moon

The Harvest Moon is at its best tonight. Take a few minutes and toddle outside for the best "reality" show, you won't be disappointed.