Friday, November 5, 2010

A Halloween Tale

I simply had to share this Letter to the Editor published this morning in our Santa Rosa Press Democrat from Santa Rosa High School English Teacher Jessie Kroeck.

Beyond the smashed pumpkins, egging and over-turned garbage cans, I want to share a trick-or-treat story that shows our teenagers at their most creative and whimsical selves.

One of my students, Antone Cernokus, and his buddies Josh Bjorklund, Keane Kheva and Alonso Cisternas dressed up in family attire — one even as a baby. They then walked around the neighborhood carrying a door. After ringing a doorbell, they hid behind their door. People from the house would open the door, only to be confronted by another door with a sign that read, “Please knock.”

So they would knock. Surprise! The teenagers would open their own door and exclaim, “Look, we have trick-or-treaters!” And to the astonishment of the adults, these crazy teenagers would give them each a piece of candy.