Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Road Trip

At O'Dark Thirty Wednesday morning my friend Carol and I take off for a 5 day road trip to the wilds of central Nevada. We're headed to Elko for the 27th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. I've never been before so this should be quite the adventure. Poets, musicians, artists, and cowboys. What more could a girl ask for? I'm taking my camera and a notepad and will report back on the adventure in the coming weeks. We'll see old friends and meet new ones. 

This wonderful photo speaks volumes, check out their website link above.

We've got tickets for a variety of performances so it will be total immersion for three days. I'm excited to see Dave Stamey and Paul Zarzyski. I was introduced to their talents by my friend Trisha who was a devoted fan of Cowboy Poetry, Western Music and the annual gathering in Elko. They are truly gifted observers and storytellers.

Dave Stamey - Singer/Songwriter

Paul Zarzyski - Cowboy Poet Extraordinaire

This event is sponsored by the Western Folklife Center whose mission "is to enhance the vitality of American life through the experience, understanding, and appreciation of the diverse cultural heritage of the American West. This mission is implemented through the performances, exhibitions, educational programs, media productions, research, documentation, and preservation projects that celebrate the wisdom, artistry, and ingenuity of western folkways". The website is http://www.westernfolklife.org/ if you are interested in finding out more.