Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking Risks

My husband and I are pretty laid back, our approach to life has always been to go with the flow and that's served us well for 30 years. When we head out on a vacation the first questions are shall we turn right or left and which blue highway beckons?

We lost an amazing friend in November. She was a delightful woman who made friends where ever she went, chased her dreams and made them happen and truly enjoyed life. She would sometimes wonder out loud why her life was so crazy and complicated. I'd simply remind her that she was the one setting the calendar and we'd just burst out laughing.

Out of this loss her wide circle of friends are getting to know each other and sharing thoughts, time and aha moments like: take nothing for granted, do what you've been meaning to do, live in the present without regrets, and (oh darn) it's my responsibility to take care of my body.

Our big Aha moment: It's so easy to become complacent and timid hanging about home territory. If we want to get to some of our Bucket List: like seeing the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, exploring the Maritime Provinces of Canada, seeing the US by train, and adventuring to New Zealand, it's time to get started. We need to start planning ahead, a new concept for us. 

Our Rogue River Adventure

Bottom line is that it's time to start taking some risks, I found this great little quote on the cover of a notepad. The author is Andre Gide an early 20th century writer and winner of the Nobel prize in literature in 1947.
"Man cannot discover new oceans
unless he has the courage
to lose site of the shore"

Time to get a move on folks, put down the remote, back away from the television, shut down the computer and follow a dream. I said that! You are no longer in the Twilight Zone but on the No Excuses Tour. What's on your list?