Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 4 ~ Coming Home

One of the things that always impresses me about driving across Nevada is that it seems there is only endless open space between you and the edge of the world (I found this incredible photograph after I wrote the words).

"Nevada's Edge'

When you finally reach that edge you realize it is a set of bluffs, or foothills or a mountain. The climb brings you to yet another crest and once again you are facing endless open space. It's a wondrous land: beautiful and dangerous, charming and unforgiving. Imagine coming across this vastness in a covered wagon or on horseback. 

"Magestic Mountains"

Visualize the emotions of reaching the Sierra's after endless miles of the sagebrush sea. A rare breed of fearless men and women explored, travelled and settled in this land including, I'm proud to say, some of my own hardy ancestors.   

When we drove from Reno to Elko on the way to the Gathering it was late afternoon and the sun was already behind the Sierras. The desert was beautiful but monochromatic.

"Nevada Desert"

When we hit the road this morning we are immediately taken by all the colors we missed coming in. The desert is now backlit with the rising sun and is totally three dimensional. Some of the hills and outcroppings are vivid colors, some black as coal. Some look like they have indeed been there for an eternity and others look as though they were just delivered. The landscape plays with your mind and your eyes.

"Nevada Mountains"

One thing I forgot to mention is that we saw the legendary singer/songwriter Ian Tyson on Thursday. Though in his mid-70's now he continues to ranch, tour, record and write. Carol purchased his new book "The Long Trail" about his life. As we started the 300 mile journey to Reno she began to read it aloud. When the scenery was too good to miss I'd let her know and she'd put it down for awhile.

We stopped in Reno for gas and lunch and were treated to a hit and run hail storm. Once back on the road the weather lightened up and Carol read until dusk, then we listened to music the rest of the way home. I'm now after Carol to finish the book so that I can bring it home to finish the story.

A great adventure and plans for next year are already on the calendar. Life is short, take time out to experience something new and at the same time old. You won't regret it.