Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Moment in Time

I'm starting to work on my family genealogy again. It's been on the back burner since 2007. I was sorting accumulated information into folders this morning and tucked into some historical letters, totally out of place, was an experience, a moment in time, I wrote down on 07/07/07. 

Two highways intersect in my home town of Sebastopol. I was on my way home from Santa Rosa and was stopped in the left turn lane on Hwy 12 waiting to turn south onto Hwy 116. It was one of those magical windows down, summer days. Traffic was backed up because of the timing of the signal so both directions were stopped, but no one seemed to mind (unusual to say the least).

I looked to my left at the same time the driver of a car going in the opposite direction looked up and we caught each other's eye. He was grinning from ear to ear and out of the blue said "I just found out my pregnant wife and her baby are healthy". She and her young daughter (maybe 2 or 3) were also in the car and she broke into a big smile at his comment.

I said "It doesn't get much better than that" and then thought for a second and added "unless you get to retire (which I had done the previous year)!" We laughed out loud, wished each other well and then traffic started moving.