Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fresh from the Garden

The "Vegan" road has been an easy one to stay on. It's become an adventure of discovery, experimentation and new tastes. We've unearthed local restaurants that support vegan and vegetarian choices, and re-discovered the local farmer's market for the vegetables we don't grow. We also allow ourselves the occasional digression: a bit of salmon, a hint of feta on a green salad or a shared dessert when dining out.

The Herb Garden
or What to do with a Old Leaky Stock Tank

A week or two of sunshine and the herb and vegetable gardens have kicked into overdrive. This morning's breakfast was harvested minutes before it prepared.  

Several of our vegetable beds
Rod sauteed pak choy, collard greens, beets, radishes, spinach, 3 different types of oregano, garlic chives, onions, tofu and sorrel in one teaspoon of sesame oil and served it over a reheated brown rice mix of black, wild and brown rice. The results were amazing.

Bon Appetit!