Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live From WJRR Cow Country Radio ~ May 19th

From Burney we head further east to Hwy 395 and turn north through a number of small towns. At the Oregon border we discover New Pine Creek. As we toddle through town we spy an old building with a peace symbol and Just Stuff painted on the front. Rod and I looked at each other and decided we had to turn around and check it out.

Just Stuff ~ New Pine Creek, OR

There was indeed "stuff" from floor to ceiling, every square inch of shelving sags under the weight of wondrous treasures. The owner came there 30 years ago and started collecting things at garage sales and soon people were coming to her. We spent at least an hour and kept retracing our steps to make sure we didn't miss anything. We purchased four vintage 1937 California made Poppytrail dinner plates in yellow, blue, green and rose (we were never big on matching sets). You've got to love a small town, the owner gave us a dozen fresh Araucana eggs from her neighbor as part of the deal.

Back on board we turn left off of Hwy 395 and head west on Hwy 140 about 10 miles to Juniper Reservoir RV Resort. This little slice of high desert paradise is at 4,800 feet in the middle of a working cattle ranch. Meet our welcome committee. The leader of the pack looks like he's part reindeer.

Curious George

Juniper Reservoir

This is the incredible view from our spot. We are here to meet up with Ken & Betty Rodgers and Trisha & Leland Nelson, their friends from Boise. We all got in late afternoon, parked our butts in camp chairs with binoculars and cameras and chatted until hunger set it. Between the six of us we came up with homemade tamales, green salad and Rod's stir fry polenta and garden veggies. Early to bed to read for awhile, road trip tomorrow to Summers Lake.