Monday, January 28, 2013

Just a Thought Series ~ Jan 1, 1981

The winter nesting continues as I scout the house drawer by drawer. A couple of days ago I found a few faded pages torn from a journal. I think my love of blue highways may have started with this trip to Colorado.

Goodbyes are difficult
No tears, but a knot within
I feel like I'm holding my breath
Watching you, watching me
As I drive away
Colorado's Rocky Mountain Splendor  - 11 x 14 Photograph   H-1138
Colorado Rocky Mountain Splendor
As I head into the sunset
It hits me
My journal is blank and open to new chapters
The possibilities bring a smile

Hell Yes!
I am my own best educator
I need only to look inside and ask
What are you thinking?
Tell me how you feel?
It's so much better
To experience reality
Than to live with the undefined fantasy
of perhaps
On the road again
God it's good to be traveling
It always puts things in perspective
A post script to this journal entry ~ Five months later I met the love of my life at the Fort Ross Volunteer Fire Department Picnic in Cazadero, CA and we continue to travel blue highways 31 years later.