Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Trunk Series ~ Feb 08, 1964

In the Fall of 1963 I left bucolic Mill Valley to attend UC Santa Barbara. I was 18 and it was time to go away to school. I had no game plan but I was off on a new adventure and that's what counted.

At the time UCSB was the new kid on the block of the UC system. The student population was maybe 3,500 students, mostly living on campus or a short walk away in Isla Vista. The weather was great, the beach was always calling, you didn't need a car, and dogs were allowed in class. Somewhat insulated from the real world it had a well earned reputation as a party school in those days.

Freshman and sophomore year students lived in dorms. The original ones on campus were refurbished military barracks. The four of us met our freshman year while living in Pine Hall. Sophomore year we were moved uptown into Santa Rosa Hall one of the new dorms. The ultimate goal was to move to Isla Vista, but that would have to wait for junior year.

Pam, Maggie, Me and Priscilla
Pine Hall 1963
We decided on some peace keeping measures early on and wrote up this agreement regarding the borrowing of each other's clothes. The signatories: Margaret R. White, Priscilla H. Mullen, Shelley K. Macdonald, and Pamela B. Detloff

Maggie and I have remained close friends over the years, but we've lost touch with Priscilla and Pam. I've started doing some research on line to see if I can find the two of them. It would be a hoot if we could reconnect. There are stories to tell from those years ~ if we can still remember them.