Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordsmith Series ~ Muddy Boots and Lilac Blossoms ~ April 22, 2014

Elko teaches of ranching and the art of words
Weather, cattle, crops, and horses
Wonder dogs and flighty herds
Generations stand against the forces

It may seem a romantic notion
That I once lived a frontier life
But my ancestors sailed an ocean
To discovery and unknown strife

From Scotland to the Canadian Maritime
Then covered wagon, horseback and train
To seek the promises of the West
Simply looking for a home to claim

My history tells of gold mines
And survival in the Sierra snows
Some took a stand in Tombstone
No one giving in to the wind that blows

Wordsmiths, poets and publishers
They used language to define
Artists, miners, rabble rousers
The ancients spoke their mind

Our spread is but two acres
At the end of a dusty road
The ranch is a quarter acre plot
And an ancient apple grove

We staked a claim in eighty eight
And cherish our piece of heaven
A serendipitous twist of fate
And the luck of seven and eleven

Copyright © Shelley Macdonald 2014