Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oh Baby We've Been Floored ~ October 13, 2014

The new flooring and kitchen remodel took us about two weeks. Mayhem and laughter were the watchwords of the adventure. We discovered things we hadn't seen in years, created a vision of how we'd like to resettle and in the process got a whole bunch of exercise moving boxes and furniture out of and back into the house. 

Our home of 26 years went from Holy Crap to Stunning. We moved the last of our stuff in today, consigned the potential rotating art and furniture collection to my shed and filled up the Honda with one more round of donations. It's hard to remember how it was.

And so it begins

The Hall of Shame and Bad Carpets

Old Kitchen

New Kitchen Floor

New Chef's Central for Rod

Old carpet and collections circa 2010

New living room incarnation

One of the bedrooms

The other bedroom

There was method to our re-floor madness.. Those ancient carpets were a playground for who knows what. Once I have my liver transplant I will be on immunosuppressants for life and my warrior's immune system will be compromised. The house will be a lot easier to clean and thus keep me healthy. Of course, the other plus is that we created a thing of beauty to enjoy for years.

Someone once told me life is short: eat dessert first, dance in the kitchen, be spontaneous, don't look back and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. We live that mantra. If you're thinking about taking a leap of faith, just do it.