Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just a Thought Series ~ for Rod on Valentine's Day 2015

This was written not long after I met the love of my life at the Fort Ross Volunteer Fire Department Picnic in Cazadero on May 23, 1981. Rod lived up on the Navarro Ranch the first year we were together so we'd only cross paths on weekends. 

His pup Hazel would jump up into the crate on the back of his Honda 90 and they'd motor a few miles down the hill to the Blue Heron Restaurant in Duncans Mills. Once the bike was locked up under the deck, he and Hazel would come stay with Jessie and me in Sebastopol. He was a best kept secret for months and it drove my girlfriends crazy. 

At work, though hardly working
Some late afternoon daydreams
Toying with my senses and concentration
Sipping spring water 
And kisses from your well
Fingerprints in places rarely touched

There is nothing so amusingly precise
As keeping the Who, What, Where and When 
Ladies at bay

You are a mystery man
Only the sweet Buddha 
Knows my secret
For my smile and my eyes
Speak only and without words

I've changed my plans
For the weekend

May we come play in your meadow
And sleep beneath your stars?