Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just a Thought Series ~ Time on my Mountain ~ December 10, 1970

Thinking of a sunshine day
On the dark lime velvet 
Of Tamalpa's robes
Sentries oak and noble redwood
Watching for the spirit wind

Far below
The ocean's cycle
In lake like calms
Toy boats rock in the crispness
Of a December morn

Looking down from Mt. Tam to Stinson Beach

The clarity of winter
So defines itself
In the timelessness of the day
The innocence of truth's heartchild
Holds me in the peaceful void
Of non-seeking

Transcending the duality of
Observer and observed
I rest quietly in oneness
With the moment between
All time and no time

19 Ought 70 was a year of transition for me. I moved back to Marin County after six years away at college and spent part of the summer exploring British Columbia and Alberta with my dog and two friends I met along the way. Home in the fall to start the next chapter of my life. Growing up on Mt. Tamalpais is a gift that continues to shape my world. It's always a calming and magical place to spend time.