Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Perfect Winter Day ~ California Style ~ March 4, 2015

Time to clean house this morning, top to bottom. It took us a few hours, but well worth the effort. What to do with the rest of the day? In the interest of keeping the house clean for as long as possible we ran away from home. First stop was a well earned lunch at the Hole in the Wall in Sebastopol. If you live locally you need to try it. 

It's time to check out the new North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve. We were looking for challenge and were not disappointed. The Lookout Trail climbs 800 feet in elevation from the parking lot. It is a 4.2 mile round trip of rambling trail and switchbacks winding through meadows, woods and open space. The view is nothing short of astounding.

The wildflowers are starting to show themselves, but are probably a couple of weeks from "full tilt boogie" color. It is early March after all! The cool winter weather was perfect for the hike. Don't know that I'd want to try it in the heat of summer.

Due to it being mid-week the park was uncrowded. About 90% of the folks we met on the trail were senior citizens like ourselves, further proof that age is only a number, and youth a state of mind. Rod did a short video from the lookout with his iPhone. The youtube link is

Return trip ~ all down hill

Wherever we hike we are always on the lookout for hearts and have never been disappointed. Found these on the trail. We got back down to the parking lot about 4 pm. Rather than head home and mess up the kitchen we stopped at Fandee's, another of our go to places in Sebastopol, for soup and salad.

It was a day well spent, a treasure for us both. We did 4.2 miles of four wheel drive hiking and were no worse for wear. Where to for the next hike? Well we have a Sonoma County Park pass, so must be time to do some exploring in our own backyard. Welcome to the Use It or Lose Tour. Now go play outside.