Saturday, July 18, 2015

Into the Wild Blue Yonder Part IV ~ June 3rd - June 7th

June 3rd and 4th ~ The back roads to Hillsboro and our friend's aerie, high on a knoll, are visual feasts. We arrive to clouds and then a light rain. Coming from northern California, where rain has seldom been seen this year, we are enthralled. What, we have to stay inside? What do you do on a rainy day? Let me think: build a fire, catch up, swap stories, enjoy the view, play cribbage and enjoy Deb's cooking.

She is a master chef and loves cook for friends. There is a small chalkboard to the right of the refrigerator with the menus for the day, for arrival night my favorite, Moroccan Pastilla. We can sit and talk for hours at the counter, and sometimes I even get to help out.

The sun came out and we got a bit of walking in and then took the rest of the day to relax. Visiting Art and Deb is like time out at a B&B Spa. To top it off the sky provided us with a heart.

June 5th and 6th ~ We head for Canby to stay with Rod's niece for a couple of days to help celebrate his grand niece Shawnail's high school graduation. First though we made a stop at Champoeg State Park for a long walk along the river in the cool of the morning. 

Got to Canby Friday afternoon and had lunch at the Backstop Bar and Grill. We went back that evening to have dinner with Rod's sister Debby and nephew Emmett before the graduation ceremony. Those without tickets to graduation sat in the bleachers, those with tickets sat on the football field for the ceremony. It must have been 90 degrees on the field in the evening sun, we had shade and a light breeze up in the bleachers.

On Saturday we helped Dawn and Andrew prepare for the graduation party at their place. The entire day and evening was low key and great fun. Met some more of the family. 

June 7th ~ Breakfast with Dawn and family at the restaurant where Shawnail works. It's been in the 80's and heading for the 90's in Canby, so we are heading for the coast. A little side trip to Domain Drouhin Winery near Dayton to pick up a present and then out to Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde for lunch. 

Domain Drouhin Winery 

Lincoln City was a welcome change: a nippy 61 and foggy, no middle ground in Oregon. Played the penny slots at Chinook Winds where we're staying. Not much luck but plenty of fun on new machines that actually play with you, as in give and take. Tomorrow we head towards home.