Thursday, August 20, 2015

We Are Giants ~ August 11, 2015

Our neighbors Mike and Carol gave us two tickets for the Giant's game. This is the first time in over two years we've gone to SF for something other than medical appointments. What a treat. We left Sonoma County around 2pm to miss traffic. Weatherman once again missed it completely having predicted wind and drizzle. It was clear and about 66 at game time and clear and 64 at 11:30 pm when we hiked back to where we left the car. 

Parking was an adventure in itself. The last time we went to a game was August 2013. The tickets were a gift from our friends Jeff and Kathy and they told us about a nearby parking structure that would simplify the experience. Try as we may we couldn't find it. After a number of laps around the vicinity we spotted a public parking lot near 2nd and Townsend, only $20 and about a mile walk to the stadium (perfect for our exercise regimen). One spot left and it's lucky #7. There was a space in front of us, they always stack em down there, but attendant assured us no one would block us in (they close long before the game is over). 

The park is not open until 5 so the first stop was the Fan Store next to the Willie Mays Gate. I really wanted a Giant's Gamer Babe T-Shirt. To my disbelief they didn't carry them, what's up with that? Oh Well! Back across the street to MoMo's for a bite to eat on the veranda. Table 49 (49/7=7). Prices a little steep, but it is San Francisco and we'd go back again for sure.  

Seats fabulous, Section 125, Row 30, Seats 5 and 6, just past 3rd base looking over the Giant's dugout. We remembered pillows for our bony butts and jackets just in case. Sampled desert fare, took a walk along the promenade to check out the view and crowd and talked with seat mates until game time. Rod brought Mike's glove just in case a foul ball came our way. The closest one was about 20 feet in front of us and next section over, but we were ready.

My protector

Getting to see Madison Bumgarner pitch an entire game and watching the Giants create magic live is awesome. We heard this in an interview on the way home.

Madison Bumgarner headed up the dugout steps for the ninth inning when manager Bruce Bochy asked how he was feeling. ''Why are you even asking?'' San Francisco's ace cracked. Minutes later, he completed a five-hitter with 12 strikeouts, backed by Brandon Belt's two solo home runs that broke up a pitcher's duel as the San Francisco Giants beat the Houston Astros 3-1. 

The game was sold out as usual. When we watch out of town games it always seems like there are more Giants fans in opposing stands than locals. You gotta love it. 

Hiked back up to the parking lot after the game. Three cars in the lot and one is parked directly in front of us. Fortunately we'd left some wiggle room behind the Honda and were able to pull out of lucky #7 with ease. Got home about midnight (we're not usually up that late) and jumped in the hot tub to check out the Milky Way and shooting stars from the meteor showers.

A grand day for the home team and us. Thank you Mike and Carol.