Friday, October 2, 2009

The Big Apple

It was cloudy when we took off from San Francisco but I expected I might at least see the Sierras, the Rockies, or the Mississippi River on the way. It was not to be, there were cotton candy clouds all the way across the country, but we arrived to clear skies and mild temperatures. The NYC taxi drivers would do well on the NASCAR circuit, they are masters at threading the needle and making space where there doesn't appear to be any.

Our hotel was on Times Square and right outside the hotel Broadway is closed off for about 4 blocks to create an open promenade. You can grab a cup of coffee and sit at one of the little tables on the street or climb the lighted grandstand to take in the view up Broadway: a collage of architecture, neon, and huge electronic billboards. It's really quite astounding and a the perfect venue for people watching.

My friend Jean has spent a lot of time in NYC and knows some great places to dine, so late Wednesday afternoon we walked up to Fagiolini's for dinner. The most amusing moment of the evening was discovering The Naked Cowboy in Times Square dressed only in a cowboy hat, boots, briefs, and a guitar. He is supposedly the 3rd biggest tourist attraction in NYC after the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. I'll let you find him on the web and I'll catch the latter two attractions upon my return. I will take my camera next time!