Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I picked up one of my old journals this afternoon and decided I'd share whatever was on the page it opened to. The entry was from October 31, 1975. This is a song I wrote during one of those stages in a relationship when you're questioning why you aren't moving on. A friend put it to music and it was amazing to hear my words brought to life. Because of his sweet gesture I've harbored a lifelong fantasy of hearing it sung by Bonnie Raitt. But, hey a girl can dream!


Baby do you ever disagree with what I'm sayin'
Are your thoughts different than mine
Do you know me so well that you're not tryin'
Or can we share more than just the time

I sometimes wonder what you're thinkin'
Questions I have never asked
Are there things being left unspoken
Should I speak or let it pass

Just don't start feeling guilty
For what it is you're thinkin'
If love can't listen to what's inside
Then love's only a ship that's sinkin'

Man is but a mirror
To what it is he feels
He can live his life in fantasy
Or share the thoughts that keep it real