Thursday, December 9, 2010

It Takes Two to Tango

My husband and I have been together for almost 30 years. We live in a small house and travel in a small camper. We noticed early on that we danced rather well together (literally and lyrically) in small spaces like the kitchen and love to be in wide open spaces.

19 Ought 80 Something

We also seem to share the ability to find what the other can't ~ the forest for the trees kind of stuff. We had Thanksgiving here for the first time in years and I pulled out my grandmother's china, crystal wine glasses for the table, the whole nine yards. I'd had almost forgotten how to set a table and had to borrow cloth napkins from my friend Nancy!

We decided to replace our old wooden salt and pepper grinder for the night and put them in the kitchen. After Thanksgiving neither one of us could find them. We looked in every cupboard, drawer, and pantry cabinet. We called our friends on the off chance they might have been put in one of the bags of leftovers everyone took home.

I came in from my studio the following Monday and Rod says "Where did you find them?" I give him this totally blank look and he pointed to the shaker and grinder sitting next to his knife rack on the center island. "I didn't find them anywhere, I guess they'd been there the whole time". We just fell in heap laughing.

This is known in our circle of friends as a Whippo and when one happens you must call and report it. It kind of keeps us all humble and provides great entertainment value as we age together.

"Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves
for we shall never cease to be amused"