Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy Day Projects ~ March 15th

Play yesterday ~ pay today. It's raining so we decide to tackle two projects: map out the garden bed plantings for spring and reorganize and clean up the garage.

Southeast Corner of Garden  - last Spring

Garden planning was a piece of cake. I made up a spreadsheet map of the garden beds and barrels and all we had to do was write in what goes where. Done in under an hour.

The garage be a whole different story. It's a 14' X 20' man cave that houses Rod's large and small woodworking tools, fishing gear and the inflatable fishing tube/deck chair unit, wall to wall cupboards, copious numbers of man tools and other important stuff.


He tends to leave things where he uses them, which is okay for a little while but then the work bench and all other flat surfaces disappear under a protective blanket of clutter (important no doubt, but clutter none the less). He likes to have things handy, but is at times unclear on the concept that if everything is handy, nothing is handy.

So, once a year I volunteer to help. I'm an organizer at heart so I enjoy the challenge. It also buys me a little leverage to help him decide to relinquish a few of the "useful" things he's kept for ages and never used. Let me be perfectly clear, "rid of" means recycle or selling at the flea market, the words "dispose of" are not in his vocabulary.

We put in a 7 hour workday, time for a shower and some down time. It was a good day, I liked the sound of the rain on the skylights as we worked. A few more hours and we should be done, maybe tomorrow...