Sunday, May 12, 2013

Album of the Heart Series ~ Dated 1872

This lithograph is the first page of Great Grandmother Flora's commonplace book. The poem below was simply signed by "W". My guess is that it was written by someone in her family. Flora was only 13 at the time and these are definitely words of advice.

The Miniature
Two pages back, Dear Flora, 
A miniature. Behold!
The morn of life, the Aurora
Where two hearts are now unrolled.
The man has seized with pleasure,
The lockets from the maid,
While the casket, where the treasure
In safety once was laid
Is still in her own keeping
As hopeful now she waits,
While in each bosom sleeping
The thoughts that seal both fates.
So Flora is your young life,
Your heart a treasure shrined,
Will guard you mid the dangers rife
In you the true path find.
Go seek this path, this treasure,
To learn where you may rove,
Make life a Holy pleasure
And win a mother's love,
No richer Boon to child e'er given
than Mother's love
A Gift from Heaven
The world without will spread it's snare
Wherever you may roam.
Trust not the world, tis false. Beware!
Your Safety ~ Mother ~ Home
Then if in future years you bear
The name of Wife and Mother,
Your mother's Counsels you will wear,
No need to seek another.
For round you like a radiant Crown
It's shield and guard will be
A source of Joy that you will own
Through life and in Eternity