Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Turn Left Go West ~ July 02, 2013

This morning was day seven of the heat wave that has been squatting on California. The only place to be has been indoors with the fans cranked up. However, by now we're both chomping at the bit for some exercise.

Bit by Bit- a  pastel drawing from artist Wendy Leedy's mule collection- fine art print, signed
Bit by Bit

Rod suggests the coast and walk on the beach. I worked in Bodega Bay for 33 years and one thing for sure if it's between April and August it's going to be windy and cold. Never ones to shrink from a shear possibility we throw layers and a picnic in the car, turn left and go west. It was 85 degrees when we departed Sebastopol at 11am.

First stop is Doran Beach. With our Sonoma County Park Pass we got to pull out of a long line and go right in. Well it was simply stunning, clear, 64 degrees and barely a breeze. Picnic on a beachside bench and then a 2 mile walk down to the Jetty and back.

Sand trees.

Jetty Boy 

About 1:30 we left Doran and headed north to Wright's Beach. In the mid 1970's friends lived in 3 cabins down by the old cypress at the south end of the beach. They were rented with the understanding they would one day be torn down. It was a sad day when it finally happened but there are tales that will never be forgotten.

One afternoon, when the tide was fairly low, several of us walked to a spot between these two rocks to watch the wave action. To our amazement a whale came up between them and looked right at us. We stood in stunned silence for a second or two. Too bad it was in the days before cell phones.

Death Rock, Wright's Beach

Rod took this picture of me to prove I was, in fact, in shirt sleeves, in July, in Bodega Bay.

North again and then east on Hwy 116 for the trip home. We stopped in Duncan's Mills for ice cream. It was 88 by the time we got to Forestville. Closer to Sebastopol we noticed wind in the trees. By the time we got home it was 72 and the wind was clocking 20 miles an hour. The natural air conditioner that graces us most summers was finally back. I got to sleep under a blanket last night.