Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top of the Second ~ June 23-25, 2013

Early Sunday afternoon and off to San Francisco for TACE II and a return visit to the flat we rented in May. It turned out to be a rainy day so instead of a 2 mile walk, we spent the afternoon curled up reading with a couple of breaks for sustenance. Two doors up we discovered Say Cheese and picked up some scrumptious goodies for an indoor picnic.

Around dusk we toddled a little further up Cole Street to Zazie's for dinner. It's amazing to have so many choices within walking distance. I'm beginning to understand why some folks like living in the City.

Monday was going to start early so we hit the hay about 9:30. I don't know if I mentioned it but the flat is over a restaurant. We had expectations for a certain amount of noise at closing time but we definitely weren't expecting construction, breaking glass and furniture being moved between 10pm and 2am. So much for a good night's rest!

A little aha moment at UCSF heading up in the elevator Monday morning. A gentleman with a dolly holding 3 boxes got on the elevator and someone at the rear asked what was in the boxes. He told us two kidneys and a liver. Three people were going to get a new lease on life today.

16x20 Window Lit Flowers.
Window Lit Flowers
Second TACE went much better, no nausea or pain this time. At my doc's suggestion I brought my own jammies and was able to dodge a second episode of the RASH. Shoulder pain and semi-sleepless nights seem the worst of it.

The irony of hospitals is that they are supposed to be quiet. There are signs on all the doors that say "Shhh" but each one has an automatic closer that slams it shut. Go figure!

Ninja - Shhh Original Acrylic Painting 16"x20"

The recovery room is like a 16 bed dorm with curtains separating patients. There are alarms, announcements, medical staff and cleaning crews working day and night. Nurses dutifully wake you up every three hours to check on one thing or another. There are dramas and laughter, conversations in animated tones and different languages. It's like you've been dropped into parallel universe for 24 hours: educational, thought provoking and at times entertaining. Sleep is not really an option, but reading and cat napping will get you through the proverbial night.

Orange Tabby Cat Curled Up For A Nap print of an original painting
Quimby Cat Napping

The drive home Tuesday was delightful, the world washed from two days of rain. We got back to the cross street just below our driveway and found a fire truck parked across the road. We were told we couldn't go through because there was a tree down on Lynch Road. We told him we could see our driveway and there was no tree down between here and there. No matter, he had his orders. This doesn't make my day. We head for the grocery store to pick up some supplies and head back. There is another truck blocking the road this time. I told Rod to pull the "my wife just got out of the hospital card" and sure enough the young man let us through. Home at last.

I'll need to return to UCSF for a third TACE on July 23rd. Certainly hope that's the last one. Seems like life has been on hold since January.