Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The To Did List ~ October 15, 2013

Now home from our adventure, it was time to take care of some car business. We purchased Ruby the Explorer in April to tow our trailer, but due to my spring and summer of TACE treatments we stayed home all summer while I recovered.

Consequently we had no idea there was a problem until late September when we were finally able to take off for on a camping trip, almost. The salesman assured us the Explorer would tow a small trailer, but she had not been up to the task and we had to return home. See September 25th post entitled Go Back Jack and Do It Again.

We went back to the dealership and told them about the problem. While there, they did some research, and agreed we had a point. Our stand was that they needed to find a solution without more money out of our pockets. In the end they agreed to swap Ruby the Explorer for Pearl the Expedition, to extend the existing warrantee for a year and to refund us $1K. Something to be said for customer service.

Little Bit and Pearl
Looking back, Ruby the Explorer was akin to a high class race horse; pretty to look at, but a finicky and prone to problems. Pearl, on the other hand is more of a Clydesdale: classic lines, sturdy, a little old school (tach and speedometer have actual dials), and up for any task. She more than proved herself on our next adventure.

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