Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wishing You Were Here ~ Nov 23, 2013

Another year exits stage right
Life moves on with each sunset flight
From the seeds of friendship you so freely cast
A cosmic garden has come to pass
It took root in love and continues to thrive
Ever brilliant and so much alive
We all have new challenges to bear
As well as joys and stories to share
We remain the same, yet forever changed
By the cosmic cowgirl, at home on our range

You taught me well about facing each day
Life throws us curve balls, but we're here to play
Follow your heart
Jump in with both feet
Say what you mean
And follow your dreams

 Zarzo's lines reside in plain sight
 Words to the wise forever in flight
Did you come to ride?
 Or did you come to hide? 
 Here to ride girlfriend, fearless, strong and true
So very glad to have shared time with you