Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joy Of Aging - Side & Sound Effects

There are definitely side and sound effects to art of aging and let's face it we're all cruising into new and unknown territory. Here are a few of the ones we've cataloged so far:

"Don't Be a Sissy"

AccuWeather: Body parts seems to do a better job of projecting changes in the weather than our local news.
Knees Louise: Squatting is no longer an option unless there is a block and tackle handy or my husband is close enough to give me a hand up.
Toots Suite: TMI ~ but a reality of life ~ think dueling banjos.
HipHopitous: The first 10 steps that follow arising from a seated or couch position. One would think we were budding hip-hop artists with all the snapping and popping, but alas we're just trying to get the booty in gear.
I've groan to love you more: It's a scientific fact that if you swear a blue streak when you stub a toe, hammer a thumb or bark your shin, it will hurt less. Must release endorphins or something, like laughter or a good cry. Who really knows but as long as we continue to laugh about it, it's cool.
CompuStoveUp: Too much time on the computer may (read that as will) lead to shoulder cricks, now what have I done and tendinitis. How do I know this? Talk to the shoulder. We humans need to spend less time riding herd on computer games, social networks and email and more time doing something physical like digging in the garden, working out, doing yoga or dancing.