Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordsmith Series ~ Post Script

Driving east on 299
Heading for the Oregon Outback
North of the Southeast border on old 395
On our way to the sagebrush sea
 Home to the ponderosa and juniper tree
Travelling the Emigrant Trails Scenic Byway
To see who's been on the migration flyway
The scenery is hard to beat
and it's time to give our buns a rest
And fix a bite to eat
So we stop on the crest of a mountain pass
With a vista that made us gasp
Delighted with the visual treats
We turn to look around
And suddenly have to take a seat
Cowboys in chaps and rigging exiting a dusty pickup
A tempting photographic moment
Until they step out into the road
They’re walking Pomeranians
Leashed and coated for the cold
All I can think of is the perfect raptor lunch
Furry with a bit of crunch
What’s happened to the cowboy?
Where have all the ranch dogs gone?
The ones who rode shotgun in a pickup bed
And worked all day
For just a pat upon the head


Thanks to these Etsy artisans I've regained my senses
Blue Heeler and Pasture

"Cowboy Accessories"
Cowboy Break Time