Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eating Dirt and other Observations ~ Oct 09, 2012

Some days are made for walking
Autumn leaves, a camera,
woolly clouds, a breeze

Noon beckoned us to the Laguna
for lunch on a shaded bench
birds and squirrels, no sign of cold
content to let the day unfold

A stop at Fircrest for picnic parts
Garlic roasted turkey and Swiss
the choice a cinch
Rod asked for whole wheat bread
It'll get squishy and flat I said
The deli girl smiled and
suggested a whole wheat roll
it'll stand up to condiments and tomatoes
and keep it's soul

The lady next to me laughed
and said you're right
remember squishing Wonderbread into
indistinguishable sights?

The conversation moved on
to how did we survive our youth
No seat belts and leaded paints
roller skates, no helmets
enough to give a mom the faints

We stayed healthy in spite of dangers faced 
no distraction from TV, video or phone
We played outdoors from dawn to dusk,
ate dirt and skinned our bones
Wearing bandaids like medals we regaled
we created our own resistance
and lived to tell the tale 


Love Strong, Laugh Hard, Be Kind