Monday, October 8, 2012

Night Moves ~ October 4, 2012

Grape harvest is in full swing in Sonoma County. At the vineyard next door the show got underway at o'dark thirty and I mean o'dark. The lights, tractors and voices woke me up about 3:30am. Normally I don't hear a thing, but it's been hot for a few days so we've been leaving the windows open at night.

The klieg lights seemed extra bright and not being able to resist a potential photo op, I bundled up and toddled outside with my camera. A pea soup fog hung low over the vineyard, magnifying the lights ten fold, but there was no fog where I was standing on our driveway about 30 feet to the north.

You couldn't see anything but you could hear all the sounds of the harvest clear as a bell: tractors and the clanking of small trailers on the rough rows, the thump of grapes into boxes, and the shouts, laughter and chatter of the workers. 

The sight was rather otherworldly like something from an old black and white B movie about an invasion from space. I stood out there for ten minutes taking it all in. Conclusion ~ I wouldn't trade this little piece of dirt on a dead end road for the world. Magic happens here, real and imagined.