Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emandal Farm Day 2 ~ Sept 29, 2012

We awaken in our little down filled nest at Ohana Cabin about dawn. It's quite chilly since we'd left the windows open all night, but flannel jammies and sheepskin boots are at the ready for the short walk down to the outhouse (some cabins have plumbing but the outhouses and showers are quite delightful). Reminds me of camping when I was a kid.  

Breakfast isn't until 9am so once the sun is up we decide on a walk up to the lake. Up really means up ~ we haven't been to the gym in a couple of months and are huffing and puffing like a couple of old war horses, but our reward is this pretty little lake. Rumor has it there are some good sized bass hiding among the reeds. We walk down the road a bit and come to a place that overlooks the entire valley below. The view is absolutely stunning. There's a giant gong up there made from an old acetylene tank. We heard it a couple of times during our stay so my guess is that the hardy of heart let the world know they'd made it.  

Breakfast is buffet style: eggs, bacon, homemade biscuits (to die for), Tam's jams, fresh fruit, and oatmeal with all the accouterments. We gather at the plank tables in the great room for coffee, conversation and a hearty meal. To settle our meal it's time for a walk through the gardens and down along the Eel before it gets too hot.

I was fascinated by this wonderful compass created from old machine parts from around the farm.

The river is only a short distance down the hill from the compound. It's calm and just sort of meanders this time of year, but there are some great little swimming holes and small rapids you can hear from certain spots along the trail.


We found out from Tam that they're going to remove the last of two old vineyards sometime in the near future. She knows Rod makes walking sticks and canes and told him to stop at the vineyard on the way out get a few samples. I have a feeling we'll be returning to Emandal with the truck for some prime raw materials.

Late morning we head out and stop at Buster's Burgers and Brews on Main Street in Willits for lunch. Great food and we got to watch the last quarter of the 49er game against the hapless Jets. I remember when Don Meredith used to sing "Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over" and that sure would have been appropriate here!

Once home Rod and the kids next door, Maya and Evan, made fresh lemonade and we sat on the porch with their mom Carol and shared tales. She'd just got back from a trip with her girlfriends.

So here's a toast to adventures down long dusty roads, surprises around every corner and finding common ground.