Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Album of the Heart ~ Mar 27, 1880

Hold the presses ~ my friend Margo Metegrano found the rest of the poem and the author. Margo is the driving force behind www.cowboypoetry.com and one of her aims in life is to unite poems with their rightful authors. The poet is Josephine (J.P.) Pollard 1834-1892. She wrote children's books, poetry, hymns and edited magazines. What was written in Flora's journal was but the first half of the poem.

Another entry from my great grandmother's "Album of the Heart". Sadie Hill was, I believe, a childhood friend. I have tried to research the poem, thinking it may have been transcribed from another source, but to date I have found no reference to it.

Romantic Victorian Vintage Print  -- 1880s Illustration Perfect for Framing
Romantic Vintage 1880's Postcard
One little word we oft bestow
The root from which all friendships grow
Which joy and sweetness may impart
If given truly from the heart
But if with careless ease it slips
Too frequently o'er honeyed lips
It falls unnoticed to the earth
To any heart of little worth
But coming from a heart sincere
And spoken tenderly, how dear
The little word of letters four
Thus consecrated evermore
Sadie Hill