Thursday, April 18, 2013

Off to San Francisco ~ April 7, 2013

We took off for San Francisco about 3:00pm Sunday. The marathon liver transplant evaluation at UCSF was to start at 6:50am Monday. A good night's sleep and not driving the morning commute to SF sounded like a good idea at the time. I had mentioned to the scheduling nurse at UCSF we were having a hard time finding a place to stay and she suggested we check out As luck would have it the first listing I saw fit the bill and put us about 3 blocks from campus.

Our hosts wouldn't be back until 10pm so they left the key and house rules in the mailbox for us. This vintage upstairs flat (and I do mean up stairs) was warm and inviting.

Dining Room

Guest Room
We settled in and decided a walk was in order. Bundled up against the wind we took off down the hill. This is Farnsworth Lane, just down the street from our abode. Can you imagine the shape you'd be in walking this every day?

We strolled to the Panhandle, past what remains of Kezar Stadium and over to the Haight Ashbury district. I grew up in Mill Valley but had never been there. There's an incredible mix art and architectural on the streets.

Let there be light
Rod used to live in area during the 1970's and took great delight in regaling me with stories. This was a photographer's paradise, glad I had my IPhone.

We put in about 3 miles and on the way back stopped at Zazie's for dinner. It's a delightful little hole in the wall French restaurant. You get to the back patio through the kitchen. Our kind of place and the food was fabulous.
We toddled back up the hill after dinner and read for awhile. Lights out about 9:30 in hopes of a good night's sleep. Unfortunately high winds from an unexpected storm kept us awake most of the night. Oh Well!