Saturday, April 27, 2013

Album of the Heart ~ May 12, 1881

I recently found an ornate little journal that belonged to my maternal great grandmother, Flora Kidde White Hobson Beals. The entries, from 1871-1882, are from friends, family and teachers .
She was born June 1st, 1859 on Russian Hill in San Francisco, the eldest daughter of Colonel James Monroe White, who came to San Francisco via Cape Horn in 1849 and Sarah Francis Mansfield who joined him in Panama in 1852. They were both originally from Boston.


I believe this entry from May 12, 1881 is from her mother Sarah (signed Mrs. S.F. White). Flora would have been 22 at the time so my guess is this was a bit of motherly advice.
Keep your distance with a stranger
Is a maxim you should know
Keep your eyes upon your neighbor
Be he friend, or be he foe
Keep your money, keep your secrets
Everything you've got that's nice
And you'll have both peace and comfort
If you take this good advice
In January, 1894 she and her second husband, Charles W. Beals, purchased what would become the family compound at 237 Summit Avenue in Mill Valley. The price for the 5/8 acre parcel, purchased from the Tamalpais Land and Water Company, was $1,600. I grew up on the property, a magical place to be sure.