Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Album of the Heart ~ Dec 26, 1873

An Epic
Pleasant Recollections

Oh! Flora,
Do you remember the evening,
When we departed for Mirasole's Academy?
Be when it may, it has found a place
Where precious things can ne'r erase
Mine that deep fathomless spot I claim
Flora in that ever thine abode you may maintain.
Tell the world that night can ne'r be recalled!
Me in heart does awaken such a truth
Shall we enjoy many eve in happy calm.
I can not doubt that the stars proclaim all in sooth.
Wait and we will more good things disclose
For all you will believe, being of such reality,
Thee no other shall find there, much enclosed;
Do say yes! when you hear of so a faithful immortality!
I believe you can not doubt in your heart;
Will all be mine if you so pleasant words still define;
Be what they will they came to pass and not to part
Thine such real thoughts truly have great incline.
And when we at tea did depart home ward bound,
That moment filled us with many sweet recollections of the past;
Forever shall in our future life such pleasant thoughts still resound
Too great is our life after experience of such a cast!
Good Flora:
Yours forever:
Charles W. Lieb
Friday Evening, December 26, 1873

According to the Online Archives of California (OAC) Mirasole's Academy was in San Francisco, circa 1870's. My friend Margo Metegrano found a reference under California Business Ephemera that it may have been a dance school.

The lithograph is from the Album of the Heart. The accompanying quote "Catch the white-handed nymph in shady places. To woo sweet kisses from averted faces" is from the poem "Sleep and Poetry" by John Keats, where he talks of the gods Flora and Pan. What I find truly interesting is that Flora was but 14 years old in 1873.